Passenger information

This section includes some useful links containing the European regulations on air passenger rights. It also includes Orbest's policy on delays, cancellations and denied boarding.

Seat selection

For your utmost comfort on board, or to fly with your family and friends, we offer you the opportunity to select seats from the moment of booking up to 4 days before the departure of your flight, as well as on the actual departure date.

You can access this service by clicking click here and if you need more information about this service and the seat selection process, check out our guide by clicking click here

If you have not had the chance to do so beforehand, you may make and pay for your seat selection at the check-in desk before the departure of your flight.


In compliance with international safety standards, our cabin crew will give a pre-flight demonstration on the use of oxygen masks and life jackets and the location of emergency exits. We will also invite you to carefully read the Orbest safety instructions found in the pocket of your seat.

First aid kits

In compliance with European medical regulations (EU-OPS 1.745), all Orbest aircraft are equipped with a complete first aid kit and defibrillators. What's more, our cabin crew are fully trained in first aid.

Alcohol consumption

During the flight, passengers are not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages purchased from the onboard boutique or taken on board in their hand baggage. The only alcoholic beverages which passengers may drink on board are those served by our cabin crew during the bar service.

On board comfort

For your comfort, we provide blankets and pillows on our intercontinental flights. On all other flights, you can purchase a great comfort kit or a blanket/pillow set from our onboard boutique.

In-flight purchases

All our flights have an in-flight sales service where you can choose from a wide range of products at incredible prices to give a gift to someone you love or to treat yourself. Ask our crew if you'd like more information.

Audio and video on board

Our intercontinental and European flights, as well as all our flights to/from the Canary Islands, feature in-flight music and cinema. For your enjoyment, we offer headphones priced at 4 euros. These headphones are compatible with most electronic devices.