Duty Free Store


Orbest is proud to present its onboard boutique, featuring a whole range of perfumes, cosmetics, gifts, chocolates, spirits and tobacco. Our onboard boutique boasts a hand-picked selection of items with incredible and very competitive deals, providing significant savings over high-street prices.

Duty Free Store

Take a close look at and choose which items you'd like to buy on today's flight.

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We're sure you'll find a great gift for yourself or for a loved one who you'd like to surprise.

Due to customs requirements and for fiscal reasons, we regret to inform you that on flights from European Union countries to Spain (except the Canary Islands), we will not be able to offer ANY products from our Onboard Boutique. For the same reason, the sale of duty free tobacco or alcohol is not allowed on domestic flights or on flights from Spain (except the Canary Islands) to any country within the European Union. The following table summarises each of the possible cases:

Departure / Destination
EU country
Non-EU country
All products except tobacco are available. Alcohol is available at 'duty paid' prices (with taxes).
All products are available. Alcohol at 'duty free' prices (without taxes).
EU country
No products from our on board store may be sold.
No products from our on board store may be sold.
Non-EU country
All products are available. Alcohol at 'duty free' prices (without taxes).
All products are available. Alcohol at 'duty free' prices (without taxes).


1. Flights between EU countries (except the Canary Islands):

There is no limit on purchases.

2. Flights outside the European Union and international flights to/from the Canary Islands:


200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco (only applicable to passengers over 18 years of age).

Alcoholic drinks

1 litre of alcohol of more than 22% vol or 2 litres of fortified alcohol of less than 22% vol and 2 litres of table wine.


60 ml / 2 fl oz of Perfume and 250 ml / 9 fl oz of Eau de Parfum / Eau de Toilette / Aftershave.

Other products

Up to 180 euros.

Purchases can be made up to the limits allowed on both journeys, but only the limit corresponding to one flight may be taken back to your home country.


  • Payment of the order shall be made on the flight.
  • You can place your order up to 72 hours before your flight.


Due to weight and space restrictions on the plane, some products may not be available.
Please feel free to use the pre-pack system if you'd like to reserve items for the return flight and take advantage of this great opportunity.


1. Cash

Euros (notes and coins). For payments in other currencies (only notes are accepted), please check with the cabin crew, who will let you know about the currencies accepted on the flight and the exchange rate applied.


We regret to inform you that cash will only be accepted for purchases under 10 euros, excluding any payment regarding emergency seats and Premium meals purchased onboard

2. Credit cards:

We inform you that the payment of all your purchases on board can be made with debit and credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS as well as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay mobile applications (maximum 150 euros).
Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal cheques.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us on our contact form


The pre-pack system is a new way of reserving items from our Onboard Boutique prior to departure, while enjoying greater advantages. Our crew will give you an order form to request items that Orbest will deliver on your next flight. You can also place orders conveniently from the comfort of your own home or from your holiday destination at online order form

Advantages of the pre-pack system:

  • Fewer restrictions: each passenger can buy the maximum amount of in-flight purchases on both the outbound and return flights.
  • Convenience: your order will be waiting for you at your seat on the outbound or the return flight.
  • All pre-pack purchases will be paid for on board, once your order has been delivered.

Ways to order the pre-pack:

  • Internet: Place your orders from the comfort of your own home or during your holiday online order form

  • On board: Fill out the pre-pack form and hand it to any member of our crew.
  • Email: Please send all the required details to the following email address: catering@orbest.com

Information required for Orbest pre-pack orders:

  • Personal data: First name; Surname; Seat number; Flight date; Flight number. First name; Surname; Seat number; Flight date; Flight number.
  • Items you'd like to buy: Item code (as shown in magazine); Number of items; Name of item; Price of item; Total (number of items times by price of item).