In-flight entertainment


At Orbest, we want the start of your holiday to be relaxing and enjoyable. That's why we offer our in-flight audio and video services on all our flights. To enjoy this service, which is available on all our flights, simply pre-select the channel using the buttons located on the arm of your seat.

We provide a full and varied in-flight video service. All programmes are offered in dual version, so simply select the different languages ​​on Channels 1 and 2.

On flights of between two and three hours in duration, Orbest broadcasts a fascinating 60-minute video magazine with up-to-date content including music, sports, world news, motoring features, nature, science, technology and comedy.

On all flights lasting more than 3 hours, you can also sit back and watch the latest films with leading international film stars.

2. FILMS (OCT 2018 - APR 2019)

3. AIRSHOW, a new in-flight experience

We've introduced this system into the entire Orbest fleet of aircraft to enhance our passenger service.

AIRSHOW is an information system that indicates the current position, speed, altitude and outside temperature of your flight. What's more, it also shows the time at the departure airport, the flight arrival time and the time left to touchdown at the destination airport.

This information system will display the flight status on a high-resolution map with the total route, distances, and current position.

This entertainment system appears on the video screens of our planes and lets you experience the excitement of a live take-off and landing, as well as an enjoyable journey through the sky.


Enjoy the varied selection of music channels available on our flights. A whole host of genres that will help you unwind and enjoy your flight with us even more.

Choose your preferred channel from our extensive channel offer:

  • International Hits
  • Spanish Music
  • Chill Out
  • Latin Music
  • Dance Music
  • Golden Oldies
  • Classical Music
  • Caribbean Music