Quality and environment policy

The management team of Orbest Airlines, fully aware of its commitments, has declared quality assurance a key part of the company's culture and has underlined the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

The goals of Evelop Airlines Quality and environmental Policy are to maximize its efficiency, operational safety, quality and profitability, engaging in the safeguard of the environmental footprint. All for the benefit of its employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers, creating a sustainable economic and social value.

Committed to tourism and sustainability.

The management team of Orbest Airlines is committed to:

  • Meet any legal requirement, policies, environmental regulations that are applicable and with the requirements specified by our customers.
  • Develop a company culture for continuous improvement through the development of self-assessment activities and behavior as environmentally responsible company, looking for the excellence in its operations.
  • Operate the fleet applying best practices to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption, emissions of greenhouse gases and noise, minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Develop and implement systems related to socially sustainable purchasing processes, responsible consumption of natural resources such as energy, paper and water, as well as an efficient waste management and for continuous improvement in processes, services and customer support.
  • Maintain systems for the control, prevention and monitoring; periodically assessment and systematically review the objectives and the targets set.
  • Train, sensitize and communicate guidelines to those working in Evelop so they can carry out their duties in compliance with established standards and achieve a greater commitment as members of a socially responsible company.

Evelop Airlines Chief Executive Officer, its management team and the people working in the Organization will work actively and committed to ensure the implementation of this policy and the achievement of the objectives pursued and established in reference to this policy.

Evelop Airlines Management is responsible for overseeing the compliance with this policy and integration in the decision-making process of the quality and environmental considerations.

In Palma de Mallorca, on 11 November 2020

Signed: Antonio Mota Sandoval

Chief Executive Officer Evelop Airlines